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Well, Engineering is something we relate to the world around us. Like if you are looking for this website, Viewing, Surfing Internet, You are Reading this page. what is this? Yes, it is Engineering. From Computers, Mobile phone, cars, aeroplane to everything around us is an engineering. You Just look around yourself what you see? anything like a television. Well, you only enjoy watching television, you only enjoy to play games, you only enjoy to call someone through your smart phone, you go to meet someone with you relative with your car, but did you intrested in thinking that how actually they all works? from where these idea came up? an Engineer always come with a question like How?what?When?Where?why? to Get answers.

Well, first of all we have to know, what is Engineering?
Okay, Engineering is a Branch of Science  & Technology which is actually concerned with Designing, Building, machines, Tools, Electronics, Communication, Engines, Structures, Electricity, Computers etc. It deals with the Latest Technology for the ease of work of Human being.
Engineering is actually the Practical implementation & Application of maths, Physics, Chemistry & Science to Solve any Problem which is available around you.

Why Engineering (BE/B.Tech)?

It would very stupid question if someone ask why engineering? But yes an intellectual too. Engineering has a wide scope in future as well as in Day today life. From everything around us & in the world Engineering Exist. And, Why Not? Engineering (BE/B.Tech) has more Job Opportunities than any other Course.
There was a time, when there was very few people who use to pursue as well as afford engineering courses. But now if you look around you or in your locality you will find every 2nd Person or Students must be doing engineering from any Institute. We highly Recommend you if you want to pursue Engineering (BE/B.Tech) better go to reputed & authorized institutes. we recommend you that prepare for IIT & Join any IIT in the Country or Join any AICTE approved engineering college.
Trust me Private engineering Colleges sucks !!! :/

We also want your Views & opinion on Engineering and its current situation. We are waiting for your comment below.
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