Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the Branch of Engineering which  deals with the study of Building, Construction, Structures, Natural Environment, including works like Roads, Over Bridge, Building, Canal Dams etc.

So, Do You Love or interested in knowing the fact that how the Tallest Building like Burj khalifa, anil Amabani Antila, Taj Mahal and many other popular buildings are made? How the Over Bridges, Canals & large Dams are made ? if you do so then go for Civil Engineering. Actually Civil Engineering is all about making Roads, Bridges Structures, Beams, Mechanics, Truss, Designs, etc.

No, Doubt that Civil Engineering has a great & Big Scope in Future & that too moreover in India. In developing countries there is the need of Civil Engineers which will keep going on & it has a large scope as well as the most interesting Branch/trade of Engineering. Civil Engineering is known as on of the oldest Engineering in world. Civil Engineering is all Practical Form of Engineering which you can see, do & Feel it. Check the syllabus of Civil Engineering of all the colleges to know more about it.