Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the study principle of Engineering which basically deals with Physics, Mechanics, Material scienc. It is the study of Design,analysis, Manufacturing of machines and tools.

Do i need to say about Mechanical Engineering? well, you all are familiar with Mechanical Engineering. As, Mechanical Engineering is also one of the oldest Engineering Branch. Mechanical Engineering is known as Evergreen Branch. but why? Mechanical Engineering is the only Branch which has the scope all the time. The Cycle of this world will not complete without Mechanical engineering that’s why Mechanical Engineering is evergreen branch (Sadabahar 🙂 ) . Even the placements opportunities are also open all over the world and in maximum companies.

mechanical Engineering Syllabus & subjects are also not that hard, It was a very old saying that Mechanical Engineering is the hard & Toughest branch engineering. But the Actually not, it is the most easiest branch. Yes, it is because if you studied Class 11th & 12th mechanics than you will have no problem in ME branch if you choose it. Because all the old theories, practicals, questions are repeated every time. Even some of the subjects in Engineering from the 1st year is repeated every year and you don’t have to give more time to them at all & you can concentrate on another subjects.

If you really don’t know what to do? and which Engineering Branch you should choose then go for Mechanical Engineering.

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