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Moving on, though a bit late, unlike any other year, this year, too, Apple has released not one but four different models that are designed to appeal to a wide array of customers.

There is the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

I have always been fond of the iPhone and have followed it since the very first iPhone was released in the Indian market. Having said that, there is no denying the fact that despite its superior quality and performance, it sure is priced on a higher side.

Today I am going to give you an honest review of the latest iPhone-12 (black 64GB) after using it for one week.

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Specifications of iPhone-12

  • Display– 6.10-inch (1170×2532)
  • Front Camera– 12MP
  • Rear Camera– 12MP + 12MP
  • Storage– 64/128/256 GB
  • RAM – 4GB
  • OS – iOS 14 (iOS 14.1, upgradable to iOS 14.2)
  • SIM– dual-SIM smartphone that accepts both Nano-SIM as well as eSIM. 
  • Colours– Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White.
  • Connectivity options– GPS, Bluetooth v5.00, NFC, Lightning, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/Yes, 3G, 4G (with support for Band 40 used by some LTE networks in India), and 5G (Sub -6GHz).
  • Battery– Upto 17hrs (standby)
  • Other outstanding features include- Face ID, A14 Bionic chip, Dolby sound, Ceramic glass, and Super Retina XDR OLED. 

As of 24th November 2020, iPhone 12 price in India starts at Rs. 79,900.
All these specifications may sound wonderfully awesome on paper, but how does it really feel after using an iPhone 12?

Let’s dive into reality!

So, I have been using the black iphone 12 (64GB) for almost a week now, and here are a few pros and cons that I would like to share with all of you:


  1. Design: we can see that iphone is back to its original classic look.
  • Weight: the phone is much lighter as compared to its previous models.
  • Processor: a bit faster than iphone 11 (though you may not feel it at first, but as you start using your iphone for multiple functions you will definitely be able to tell the difference).
  • The introduction of the Magsafe charger might indicate that Apple may be planning to remove the charging port for the upcoming models.
  • Camera: the night vision mode is a highly remarkable feature.
  • LIDAR technology: this points to the AR glasses being introduced in the future (remember JARVIS technology from Iron Man?!)
  • User Interface: super user-friendly (noob or pro).
  • Ceramic shield: really works wonders!


  1. Battery: charges quickly but discharges every more quickly!
  • Budget: overpriced according to the Indian market.
  • Features: not all the features added are worth the amount paid.
  • So, basically, the investment is more for luxury rather than features and utility.

Verdict –
Personal Overview

YES- if you want a better camera quality for work purposes i.e.vlogs etc, or if you use a garage band for music, or if you are extremely comfortable with IOS, I would recommend going for the iPhone 12 without letting the price factor overpower your thoughts.

NO– if you are merely thinking of updating your iphone from 11 to 12, I would suggest you hold on to this thought because the main difference between the two is not in features but the price.

These ongoing offers and discounts are available in the market for iPhone 12-

HDFC (debit/credit)

  • For 1-time payment- rs.1500 cashback within 120 working days.
  • 6 months EMI (0% interest)- rs.6000 cashback within 120 working days.
  • Exchange- buyback value up to rs.30,000.
  • GST number- the GST amount deducted will be credited to your account (depending upon the bank’s policy).

Below attached are some original pics of my iPhone 12. Let us know your queries in the comment section below. We would love to hear your feedback and opinions.

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Author – Anubhuti Mishra.

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