Only 5 ATM Transcation Per Month valid for Free


Yes, You read it Right you may be shocked but that’s true. a already we know that if we use our ATM cards at any other Bank ATM then after 5 transaction we charged for the transaction after 5 Transaction and every bank charge from your account it may be Rs 20/- per transaction or whatever the banks policies are, but now if you are going to debit your card from your own Bank ATM then also you will be charged after the 5 Transaction. The 5 transaction is for only a month.

So, RBI recently announced and given notice to all the Bank & Consumer that only 5 Transaction per month is valid for free after that you will be charged for every time you do any transaction after the above limit. The 5 transaction per month is valid for all the bank ATM whether it is your own Bank ATM or Other, you have to face the same problem. So, if you want to make your money balanced and if you ever in doubt that where is your money from ATM card id debited don’t think, just see that you have made more than 5 transaction in month?

Earlier there was no such kind of limit for free transaction if we do transaction from our very own bank & ATM card but now the Rule “Only 5 Transaction per Month valid for Free” is applied for every Bank, every ATM & Everyone. after you will be Charged.

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