5 Photos which shows the difference between Big Company and Startup


    Hello There, below is the 5 Photos which will show you the difference between A Big Company and Startup. These pics are just creative enough. Many People around us works at Big Company’s & MNC’s while some of them works at Startup. Some people are creative & have entrepreneurial thinking and start a startup company. its always a fun to work at startup company rather than working at a corporate job in big company. As at startup nobody gives a shit about your Degree, what is your dress? what you do? how you look? etc etc.

    1. Office Walls

    The Office Walls at Big Company have a board or a notice of sales or a Chart, statistics of a Sales of the company whereas at startup you will find some great thoughts, quotes of Great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill gates etc.




    2.  Facebook

    Yes, You can use Facebook at big companies as you are not allowed to do so because Facebook may be blocked or access denied. But whereas startup without Facebook you can’t start your day.




    3. The Boss

    off-course  there is Boss behind you in a big company who will tell you to complete the target in the given time and you also have to keep saying sir sir & suck his ####. Whereas in Startup No Boss, Nothing everyone is same. everyone is equal and has equal respect for each other



    4. World Cup Finals.

    at the time of World Cup like Cricket world Cup or FIFA World Cup you need to search on google but at startup its LIVE.



    5. Office Timings

    According to Rules & regulation at Big Companies you have to come office at 8:30am Sharp. but at startup you will love to stay for more 7 you can come any time.



    At startup you just need to do that shit which is required no matter how you are doing it. Comment below what you think about Big Companies & Startup.


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