A Tribute to Life called Engineering


    A Creative Labs Surat’s video on ” Abhiyantriki | an Ode to a life Called Engineering” Will Take you Back to relive your beautiful old memories in your Engineering career which will make you Nostalgic. The below video is A tribute to Life Called Engineering. This Video will refresh your memories from first year entering into the college to Final year of Engineering life & leaving the college. Check out the Awesome video given below.  For best quality watch in 4K.

    Some of the Engineering Memories what they mentioned is given below:-

    First Day at College, Ragging, Chai, Sutta, Final year, Interviews, First Love, Breakups, Guitar, Counter Strike, Laptop, Friendship, & much more.

    The Best Thing about the Video is their presentation. The Editing Part is just awesome. Kudos to the Editor of the Video.
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