Arvind Kejriwal, IITians & his Protest


Arvind Kejriwal always Trends after an Interval of Time, He do some publicity by himself to be in news & be a Trending Topic so, that he can seek attention towards himself and his Party “AAP”. In a Recent News after becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi he was Protesting along with his Ministers against Delhi Police to Suspend the Police Men & make Delhi Police under Delhi Govt. not under the Central Govt. With Certain issues Arvind Kejriwal do some Publicity Stunt to prove himself and seek attention.

As we all know Arvind Kejriwal is an IITian from IIT Kharagpur, He Founded India Against Corruption and later he Joined Politics by making his own party “Aam Aadmi Party”.
Well do we know How Kejriwal made Party? How he is Successful in making Protest and all? Not only this there many more such questions that put Kejriwal under Controversies.

Arvind Kejriwal is an IITian and he also has a well knowledge about Management, Hence he is good Event Planner and know how to make event and When? Where? How? No. of days? Arrangements and all. He knows to Prepare and make Event So, he do in his Protest and all Campaign. As he is an IITian & Great Knowledge and Experience thats why he has put a Different Name which make impact on Common man & People of India. By Taking Common man Problem and Difficulties he put the name AAM AADMI PARTY which in short gives more brilliant and great idea so that every person can speak it and people cannot forget the name. the name should be pasted in the mind of Citizen of India.

Arvind Kejriwal has only last Option if his Problem is not sorted out and that is PROTEST !!! Yes, He always try to protest against his rival. But Do PROTEST is the only option for Kejriwal? after becoming Chief Minster of Delhi does it suits to his Personality? If he will be on protest who will govern Delhi? well Whatever the reason is it totally depends upon Kejriwal what he do, and People of Delhi & India is watching him whether he is doing right or wrong.

Another Amazing news is that AAP is now Recruiting Leaders & Members for his party from Reputed IITs & IITians are also getting inspired by Arvind kejriwal that they can also do something and Kejriwal works as a Motivating factor for them. AAP draws students from IITs & Delhi University (DU) to Join AAP and change the nation, Change the politics. In a recent news 425 IITians Joined AAP. many IITians are developing Apps & Games in support of AAP. IITians are now moving into Politics too.

Well kejriwal should stop making protest and making people fool, Rather he should do his work and complete his promises what he done before winning the election. people will automatically Support him. As, if citizen of delhi trusted him he should not broke the trust of the Common Man.

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Arvind Kejriwal & IITians


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