CES 2022- Hydraloop establishes global Partner Network to fulfill growing demand


CES, Las Vegas is in roll and one of it’s exhibitor Hydraloop continues to grow its global partner network to help residential and commercial real estate owners implement their water security strategy. As part of Hydraloop’s strategy to strengthen its global presence, the CES-Best-of-the-Best Winner of 2020 has signed Partner Agreements with 125+ partners worldwide, securing delivery, installations, and service on all continents. 

“We are pleased to cooperate with Hydraloop to support the water strategies of the United Kingdom,” says Junaid Patel, CEO of Freeflush Water Management in the UK. “We believe in Hydraloop’s mission that every new house should have a decentralized water recycling system.” 

“Extreme decentralization is not just about building a more robust water network. It is about bringing water technology much closer to the users, tapping into their creativity to participate in water development. It forces technology suppliers to rethink water”, explains Korneel Rabaey, Professor of Bio-Engineering Sciences at Ghent University in Belgium and co-author of ‘The third route: Using extreme decentralization to create resilient urban water systems’

Hydraloop is committed to working with commercial partners as well as governments and other key stakeholders to meet the rapidly increasing challenges of water supply and wastewater treatment. In 2022, Hydraloop will set up local manufacturing facilities in collaboration with its partners. 

“Our vision of the future? Use water twice”, says Frank Verschoor, COO of Hydraloop. “We empower people and organizations to hit new marks in sustainable living without any loss of comfort. And seriously contribute to one of the greatest challenges of mankind: drastically reducing the use of water.” 

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