Drop BMW, Pick Scorpio said Anand Mahindra to PM Modi


The Chairman of Mahindra Group Shri Anand Mahindra writes to PM Narendra Modi to Drop the new BMW Car & Pick up Scorpio. He said that Our PM should own an Indian Car rather than going for any international car, He should continue to use Scorpio for his work and all. Anand Mahindra also Said that we will also provide the Best Facility & Equipments what it needs in the Scorpio. We would love if the prime minister narendra Modi continues to go for the Indian Car Mahindra Scorpio.
Drop BMW, Pick Scorpio.

Earlier also Narendra Modi use to have Scorpio, His Scorpio was well equipped & a Bullet Proof, Smoke Proof etc. We it all depends the security heads & SPG whether they will allow to have Scorpio in place of BMW or not as Security measures will have to be taken for PM Modi.
Firstbiz tweeted it first on Twitter this news according to reports.

Whats your take in this? Narrndra modi should pick Scorpio & Drop BMW? Comment below.

Source: Firstbiz, Firstpost

Firstbiz Tweet on this News.

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