Engineering (BE/B.Tech) Branch List for WBJEE


    Here is the List of Engineering (BE/B.Tech) Branch by WBJEEB (West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board). At the Time of Counselling of WBJEE Students are confused about which branch is the best? which branch has a good scope in Future & its hard for them to choose the right branch for them. The only answer to this is Choose what you love to do.

    for  West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations (WBJEE) Below is List of Branch for Engineering (BE/B.Tech) in West bengal, Kolkata. WBJEE Board offer Engineering in Various Discipline in more than 50 branch/trade of engineering. Checkout out the below  Engineering (BE/B.Tech) Branch List for WBJEE

    S.No.               Branch Code                     Branch Name

    1                             ANE                   Aeronnautical Engineering
    2                            ASE                    Aerospace Engineering
    3                            AGR                   Agricultural Engineering
    4                            APM                  Apparel & Production Management
    5                            AEI                    Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
    6                            ARC                   Architecture
    7                            AID                    Architecture – General
    8                           ATE                    Automobile Engineering
    9                           BMD                  Bio Medical Engineering
    10                         BOT                   Bio Technology
    11                          BCE                   Biochemical Engineering
    12                         BTP                    Biotechnology & Biophysical Engineering
    13                          CBT                   Building & Construction Technology
    14                          CRM                  Ceramic Technology
    15                          CHE                  Chemical Engineering
    16                          CVE                   Civil & Enviornmental Engineering
    17                           CIV                   Civil Engineering
    18                           CPE                  Civil Engineering & Planning
    19                          FVC                   Civil Engineering (5 Years Integrated B.Tech-M.Tech)
    20                          CCE                   Computer & Communication Engineering
    21                           CSE                    Computer Science and Engineering/Computer Sc. and Technology
    22                           FCS                    Computer Science and Engineering/Computer Sc. and Technology
    (5 Years Integrated B.Tech-M.Tech)
    23                          SCS                     Computer Science and Systam Engineering
    24                          COE                   Construction Engineering
    25                           DAT                   Dairy Technology
    26                           EEE                   Electrical & Electronics Engineering
    27                           EPE                    Electrical and Power Engineering
    28                          ELE                     Electrical Engineering
    29                          FLE                     Electrical Engineering (5 Years Integrated B.Tech-M.Tech)
    30                          ECE                     Electronics & Communication Engineering/Electronics and Telecommunication
    31                           ESE                     Electronics & Control System Engineering
    32                           EIE                      Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
    33                           FET                      Food Technology
    34                           FTB                      Food Technology and Bio Chemical Engineering
    35                           INT                       Information Technology
    36                           IEE                      Instrumentation & Electronics Engineering
    37                            ICE                     Instrumentation and Control Engineering
    38                           JFT                     Jute and Fibre Technology
    39                           LET                     Leather Technology
    40                           MRE                   Marine Engineering
    41                           MEC                     Mechanical Engineering
    42                          FME                      Mechanical Engineering (5 Years Integrated B.Tech-M.Tech)
    43                          MNT                      Mechatronics & Nano Technology
    44                          MTE                       Metallurgical Engineering
    45                          MIN                       Mining Engineering
    46                          PHE                        Pharmaceutical Technology
    47                          PWE                       Power Engineering/Power Plant Engineering
    48                          PNT                        Printing Engineering
    49                          PRO                        Production Engineering
    50                          RAE                       Robotics & Automation Engineering
    51                          TEX                         Textile Technology

    If you have any query regarding selection of Branch or colleges please comment below.

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