FACT – No, Rs 2000 note does not comes with a nono GPS chip embedded on it


A rumour is spreading since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on 8th November that the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 note would not be valid and the RBI governor introduced the all new Rs 2000 note, Some people and media house like aaj tak, etc spread the rumour on social media like facebook & twitter that the new Rs 2000 currency note comes with the nano GPS chip embedded on it, which can be tracked easily as it has high-end security features. This news is completely false.

We at Engineers Corner is here with the fact behind this rumour that No, Rs 2000 note does not come with a nano GPS chip embedded on it. This news is completely baseless and false. There are no such security features in Rs 2000 note.

Now, Let’s us talk about the weather is it possible the currency notes can have such security features like nano GPS chip? Well, There is a possibility of embedding a RFID into the currency notes but it will make the cost of making notes high. As of now it take Rs 3 something for RBI to print per Rs 2000 note, if it starts coming with such feature it will be very expensive to manufacture at a national level in a high number of notes.

Here is How People are sharing pics of currency note of Rs 2000 notes with a chip embedded on it.

Picture of Rs 2000 with nano gps chip


Here is the video by ABP News which clears the complete truth of Rs 2000 GPS integrated chip. We would suggest you skip the video to midway to see the main content.

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