Flipkart.com Stops taking Orders in Uttar Pradesh above Rs10,000

India’s Biggest and Most Popular Online E-Commerce Site Filpkart.com declines and will Stop Delivering its Product in whole Uttar Pradesh over 10,000 Rs including Noida, Greater Noida & Ghaziabad. Flipkart.com almost coverd the whole india to deliver its product and known for its Delivery and assured best Products. Flipkart.com is will now not deliver its product in whole Uttar Pradesh on orders above Rs10,000.

Yes, the Lines are true this is gonna be a disgusting for some Online buyers who use to shop Online But its not the fault of the True and trusted buyers nor the Flipkart. Actually what is happening is Some of the online buyers Shop and orders the item an the deny to take the order at cash on delivery when the courier man goes to the given address the person does not take the order or they do not receive order, they said ” i didn’t ordered anything” not only this they have many excuses and other reasons that the company flipkart can’t do anything.

One of the Executive of Flipkart said “People use Flipkart just for Fun” in an interview.
Hence Flipkart has no options Left else to Stop the Orders above 10,000 in UP.

Source – Economic Times

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