Flipkart launches “Flipkart Assured” – All you need to know


Flipkart, one of the India’s leading e-commerce portal, launched “Flipkart Assured” a. Flipkart Assured ensures six – level quality check on Flipkart assured products in the fastest delivery time.

Flipkart Assured is available for the majority of categories like Mobile, Electronics, Home and Appliances, etc. All the selected products will show a Flipkart Assured badge which guarantees superior quality checks and hassle-free shopping experience every time you shop on Flipkart.

Flipkart Assured

What is Flipkart Assured? What are the advantages?

So, This a question that which will definitely comes in your mind that what is actually Flipkart assured and how it will benefit the customers? Is there any hidden policy, how much I have to pay?

So, Basically Flipkart Assured is an inclusive service guarantee by Flipkart which ensures six level quality checks and speedy delivery in 2-4 days. Products having Flipkart badge will undergo in quality checking that you will get the same product what you see in better and safe packaging with fast delivery of 2-4 days. Also, all the orders above Rs 500 will be shipped for Free. Moreover, the best part is this offering, it is Free of charge you don’t have to pay anything. Flipkart Assured is for every customer across India. You can also filter “Flipkart Assured” through which you can shop only for items with the ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge on Flipkart website, mobile site & mobile app without any subscription.

Flipkart also launched an ad campaign for “Flipkart Assured” which features some cute, adorable kids in the TVC. Earlier also Flipkart started a campaign with kids as host and panellist on a news channel and much more along with the other regular advertisement. This time, they are back with kids again. The kids featured in the ad campaign will make you watch one more time, the kids in the ads are so cute and adorable; you will love to watch them. The acting skills of kids can give tough competition to anyone. The best thing we like about the ad is that the voice of the kids is the adult one. This ad shows that how online shopping is so easy, safe and fast with Flipkart Assured – Shopping is sure with Flipkart Assured!

Check out, the below ad campaign of Flipkart, assured and the adorable response of kids.

What is the Difference between ‘Flipkart Advantage’ and ‘Flipkart Assured’ ?

Both ‘Flipkart Advantage and ‘Flipkart Assured’ is completely different, they are not the same service. Earlier ‘Flipkart Advantage’ was a tag for all products from sellers who used Flipkart’s partner warehouse services, Whereas ‘Flipkart Assured’ badge is given to select items on the basis of their performance on product quality attributes and availability for faster delivery. Flipkart assured will make the much better experience for the users to shop online.


Although it is not that Flipkart was not providing quality products before but now, with the help of F-Assured offering, users will get a better experience than before. With the aid of Flipkart F- Assured badge on the products it will now ensure extensive quality checks from storage warehouse to safe packaging with fast and free delivery at no additional cost.

Being a largest Indian e-commerce company, Flipkart understands their customers very well and what are the need of the Indian customers and their demand in current market. They know what next has to be done to make the online shopping experience better at Flipkart. Flipkart launched various other services like No Cost EMI, COD, Flipkart First Flipkart Advantage, and now Flipkart Assured.

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