Flipkart shuts down Ping – Social Shopping Chat


Flipkart officially shuts down Ping a Social Shopping Chat in less than a year. Flipkart the online Shopping portal launched Ping last year on 25th August 2016 so that people can chat and share the products directly with their friends and family inbuilt app and without any third party API. Flipkarts sends an email last night to users of ditching it’s Ping – Social Shopping Chat feature.

Flipkart shuts down Ping - Social Shopping Chat

Dear Customer,

Thanks for actively using Ping to chat with your family, friends and colleagues.

Since we’ve observed that most customers already use multiple social media and messaging platforms, we are focusing our energies on letting customers share Flipkart content through any social platform of their choice.

Due to this, we’re winding down Ping’s ability to allow users to talk to their friends from 25th June, 2016. After this date, you’ll be able to browse through all your existing chats but will not be able to initiate any new messages through Ping with your friends, family or colleagues.

We’re excited about the new features that we’re adding such as the ability to chat with select sellers before you buy a product. We also want customers to easily reach our customer support and soon you will be able to chat with us 24×7 directly from the Flipkart app.

We hope to make your shopping experience seamless through the enhanced version of our chat platform!

Flipkart shuts down Ping Engineers Corner

So, now after shutting down Ping Flipkart is soon coming up with in-app chat features with sharing on social media platforms and also chatting with sellers and customer support directly in Flipkart app.

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