Food Engineering – National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (NIFTEM)


NIFTEM is established public institution for research, education and catering the need of various purpose such as entrepreneurs, food processing industry, exporters, policy makers and government policy. The NIFTEM is being set up by Ministry of food processing industry at HSIIDC Industrial  Sonipat district of Haryana which comes under Delhi NCR.

Food processing has always played major role in connecting Indian agriculture to consumers in the domestic and international markets. The agriculture sector in India contributes a fourth of the country’s GDP and provides employment to approximately two third of the population.

NIFTEM is world-class institutions for technology, management and entrepreneurship and it is fulfilling  critical requirement for the growth of food processing industries. The increase in the level of processing and value addition of primary agriculture produce is of critical importance for enhancing farmers’ income, generating employment and reducing wastages, and to accomplish overall growth of the national economy. It is equally important to ensure global cost and quality competitiveness of processed food so as to access global markets where price realization is higher . Moreover, setting food standards has become a matter of  public concern. It is accordingly necessary to develop world class Food Scientists and Technologists who could do R&D  set food standards  and also develop world-class entrepreneurs who undergo courses and training programmes having proper mix of inputs on food science, technology, management, entrepreneurship and business incubation.

NIFTEM Food Engineering

NIFTEM have 3 programmes in following Departments:-

  • Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
  • Basic and Applied Sciences
  • Food Engineering
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Food Business Management & E.D.

There are few points if you want to make career out of food engineering:-

  1. Job Security – The food industry is one of the largest and evergreen industry on the planet, and people will always have to eat. This means if you are working anywhere along the food supply chain, you will always have a job.

2 .Freedom of Experiment-  Food industry gives freedom of experiment based on onces choice and explore the combination of existing and new food you never have known before .

  1. Freedom of Switching – Food industry gives privilege to switch from one department to other such as from testing to R& D etc.
  2. Diverse Environment –Food industry isn’t limited to desk job or lab work only, there are literally thousands of different jobs available. There is something for everyone, whether it be in quality, R&D, sales, marketing, manufacturing, teaching or in government. The food science degree is inherently multidisciplinary, which opens up with lot of opportunities
  3. Salary Possibilities – A degree in food science offers many opportunities of high packages.

6.If you have food as hobby– If you love food you will definitely enjoy working in this industry. Whether you are creating exciting new products, testing products for quality, or doing research, you will be exposed to amazing food. You will discover dishes and flavour combinations you have never even knew existed .

  1. Travel worldwide– The food industry is global, therefore depending on your position it’s likely you will get to travel across the world .Many large company in the world have global market and representative have to travel across the world.

NIFTEM is the government institute with a vision of creating world class institution for entrepreneur, exporters, policy makers etc .  Admission to this year BTech will be based on JEE(mains) score.

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