Google Bids Adieu to GOSF (The Great Online Shopping Festival)


Google Officially bids adieu to its one of the most India’s loved online shopping festival & Cyber Monday called GOSF (The Great Online Shopping Festival). Google launched GOSF in 2012 and got a great response from users in India who do Online Shopping. Google partnered with more than 500 online retailers from India and bring them on a single platform called GOSF (The Great Online Shopping Festival)GOSF attracted millions of users on cyber Monday through online sale of leading online brands and bringing daily awesome deals daily online in November Month. The Growth of GOSF increased year by year from 2013 to 2014.

Google announced that they are going to shutdown GOSF from 2015. In their official Blog Google said that ” India has many flourishing and successful e-Commerce companies and there are multiple deal days being hosted by various e-Commerce players delivering great value to shoppers across India. Users don’t have to wait for 12 months to get the best deals online, small and medium businesses no longer have to wait for to find customers from all across India. Success of new categories introduced in GOSF like Real Estate and Auto have today become a norm, and both industries have embraced Internet to sell directly customers.

Google said that they will continue in investing this field for the growth of Internet. every year around the world people wait for the GOSF to come so that they can shop online with the best deals available online on all online leading brands, merchants. Well, Now all the online e-commerce companies will now individually host and brings deals to the consumers this diwali as from now on Google won’t be participating from this year.

Source: Official Google India Blog

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