Google will announce Pixel 2 on October 4, 2017


Google is going to announce its most awaited smartphone Pixel 2. According to the sources, the Google Pixel 2 will come in both standard and XL version. Google posted on a website with the title “Thinking about changing phones, Stay tuned for more on October 4.” which gives hint about it’s the latest device which is going to be launched on October 4, 2017.

Google will be unveiling pixel 2 after a gap of almost a year.and this time they are promising a good battery back up, storage, good camera, and better processor as per their video on youtube.

Google Pixel 2

Let’s wait and watch what google has in stores for us, as many gadget enthusiasts are in already shock with Apple iPhone X price. So, it would be great to see the comparison between Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8S and Google Pixel 2.

Checkout the short video from google on youtube below –

What do you think about the new launch from google would be? Which smartphone are you using right now?


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