How to excel in your life with B.Com degree: A quick guide


A Bachelor’s in Commerce (B. Com) degree is an undergraduate programme that allows you to attain conceptual knowledge and analytical skills in the field of global economic trade. Are you a fresh graduate or about to qualify a degree in commerce? Here is a list of job opportunities that can help you launch your career right after a B. Com degree.

  • Chartered Accountant (CA) – Small or big, chartered accountancy can be regarded as the backbone of every business. Services provided by a chartered accountant include taxation, auditing, financial planning and accounting for business enterprises of all categories. This is a highly challenging and rewarding career path that offers lucrative career prospects, opening a wide array of avenues in the finance, fund management and investment consultancy sectors.  
  • Company Secretary (CS) − The company secretary holds a strategic position within an organisation that has considerable influence at the core governance operations. They deal with processes that indicate the way that an organisation should be directed and controlled, including a company’s strategy and decision making. Their main purpose is to ensure that all business activities comply with legal, ethical and regulatory requirements.
  • Educationist – A graduate degree in commerce can open the door for you in teaching profession, in high schools or universities. This will not only provide you with a stable salary but also give you a chance to increase your knowledge constantly. Furthermore, you can go on to pursue a Master’s degree and apply for the position of an assistant professor or lecturer at a higher educational institution.
  • Banker – A banker needs to deal with the customers’ finances, primarily. You must be proficient in assisting with various banking requests including arranging certificates of deposit and opening a savings account. You may also engage in handling trusts, investment accounts, deposits and lines of credit.
  • Human Resource (HR) development – Management officials in the field of human resource development are mostly B. Com graduates. As an HR official, you will take part in developing policies relating to employees, bonus, increments and personnel management. Additionally, you will also gain expertise in executing these policies on every role and operation within the company.
  • Market Researcher – Market researchers basically specialize in studying the market trend and the activities of market competitors before the launch of new products. These professionals engage in meeting and liaising with clients to negotiate and making them agree on potential research projects. They conduct surveys and focus group transcripts to analyse and interpret data, moving on to identify patterns and solutions.

Did any of the above-mentioned job roles spark your interest? If yes, initiate your B.Com admission process today!

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