How To Fix The Most Common iPhone 5 Camera Issues


Sometimes, there is a possibility that your iPhone 5’s camera will show some issues. During those times, you have to take all the necessary steps to take care of that situation. Well, there are multiple and amazing ways that you can try to fix the issue with the camera.

If you need any tools or accessories to fix the camera issues, you can use the Cyber Monday discount codes. It will help you to grab the accessories at the best price. To be precise, you will be able to save a significant amount of money. Now, let us share some tips to fix some of the prevalent issues of the iPhone 5 camera.

For out of focus and blurry photos

● Both the front and back camera should be clean. Make sure to wipe out the smudges as well as fingerprints. The best way to do away with them is by using a dry cloth, made of microfiber. Besides, you can also use cleaning tools that you will get at the best price if you use the Black Friday discount codes.

● Whenever you are tapping on the shutter button, make sure that your hands are steady. Try to press the volume button while taking the pictures as it will help you to stay stable. However, while taking in the picture, you need to be a bit careful as the shutter requires a bit longer time.

● Don’t forget to remove the metallic as well as magnetic iPhone cases. Or else, it will hamper the optical image stabilization.

If the photos are flipping in the wrong way

● Before you take the photos, try to comprehend the icons in the camera app. Check whether they are following the horizontal rotation. Or else, you have to rotate the phone, until it is happening.

● Also, you can edit your pictures and that is one of the easiest things to do. For that, you can either use a third-party app, or you can use the in-built photo editor.

● There will be a Control Centre on your iPhone 5. You have to open that control centre and find out the lock icon. There will be a circle around the lock icon. You have to click that to turn off the rotation feature.

If the camera flash is not working

● Whenever you are using flash for long videos, or during hot temperatures, you have to be a bit careful. There is a possibility that your iPhone 5 will get hot and will disable the light. Once the phone cools down, the flashlight will also come back. If you are planning to purchase an iPhone 5 at the cheapest rate. It will help you to buy the iPhone 5 at the best price.

● You should check the LED on your iPhone. To do that, you have to turn on the flashlight from the control centre.

When the camera is showing the black screen

● The first thing that you have to check, whether anything is blocking the camera. There is a possibility that something is stuck near your camera. In that case, you have to remove it.

● You can restart the camera app as well. Sometimes, restarting the camera app will do the needful.

● Turn off your iPhone 5 for a few seconds. Keep iPhone 5 turned off for at least 30 seconds. After that, turn on your phone. It should work. If you need any accessories for your iPhone 5, grab great deals and offers. It will help you to grab the best discounts.

So, these are some of the ways by which you can fix the camera issues of your iPhone 5. And if you need anything related to iPhone 5,. It will allow you to buy accessories at the most reasonable price.

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