How To Listen to Music in Class


    Hello Everyone, Today we will tell you How to Listen to Music in Class, Sometimes in class during a Lecture Most of the Engineering student find the lecture so boring that in the meantime they prefer to listen to music in class but they can’t because if a Professor or a Teacher is teaching in class giving lectures or presentation the student have to look straight & stay attention in the class not to listen music as they can find you what you’re doing as they can see any one right from centre. So, at times we heard that engineering students caught by listening to music using there ear phone as their Teacher find them using earphone & listening to music. So, How can you listen to music now, It’s Easy Yes, exactly it’s very easy to listen to music even if you are in front row, no one can catch you that you are listening to music if your sound level is OK.

    So, Below is some important steps 7 tutorial which you have to follow while listening to music in class, this is really gonna help all the engineering student out there, because as we all know most of them go to college 7 attend lectures, classes just to make attendance at least 75% which is mandatory in most of the engineering college which you have maintain. but the lectures & that too at 3:00pm ufff ! Oh my God, That is the time you really need refreshment. So, follow the below steps Here you Go :-

    Get Your  Headphone  into The Clothes:

    Yes, Obviously you need to wear a clothes !!! 🙂 So, This is a very easy task you Just need a earpiece,earphone or a Headphone to listen to music. Now, Connect your Smartphone, ipod , mp3  player with your headphone put the your ipod, smartphone into your Pocket, make sure your headphone wire is entered from inside of your cloth. as shown in below picture, well you will get more clear picture about what we are talking about from the below picture.

    Music 1
    Get Your Headphone into The Clothes

    Put one of them in your Hand Like This:-

    Now, This is much easier step than before Now Take  out one  of the Ear Phone/ Headphone wire in to right or left hand , Put them in your hand like this as shown in picture below:

    music 2
    Put one of them in your Hand Like This

    Put Your Hand to your Ear & Listen to Music !!! :

    Now, This is the Final Step & You are done, Now you have a earpiece in your hand what you have to do is just put your hand to your ear & sit like as shown in picture below So, that no one come know that you are actually listening to music, just sit straight, look forward act like you’re listening to teacher, Now, Enjoy your Music !!! Have Fun !!!

    music 3
    Put Your Hand to your Ear & Listen to Music !!!


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