Indian Air Force (IAF) Mirage -2000 Successfully Lands at Yamuna Expressway


    Indian Air Force (AIF) Today Successfully Lands Mirage – 2000 Jet Fighter Plane at Yamuna Expressway near Mathura in early morning 6:30am. That was not an emergency landing but it was trial made by the IAF Team for the fighter Plane Mirage – 2000. The Trial was made successful on the Yamuna Expressway Highway.


    One of the IAF Officer said that during wars the base airways of IAF and runways are have enough place for emergency landing and runway as there is very rush in wars so, Highway Runway and landing on highway is one of the best thing we can do. Already many countries like USA, Germany, Russia are using Highway Landing and now it is finally successful in India too.

    Many safety measures were take while landing & runway of IAF Jet fighter plane Mirage-2000 like traffic, bird clearance, Safety measures, Controls etc. The landing was successful in association with DM & SP of Mathura & Agra.

    Here are some Picture if IAF Mirage-2000 lands at Yamuna Expressway by Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Broadcasting.



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