Katrina Kaif officially Joins Facebook on her Birthday


The most successful and beautiful Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif officially joins Facebook on her 33rd Birthday. Katrina Kaif celebrates her birthday on 16th July and this year she gifted a Facebook Page to her fans to stay connected with her. Katrina Kaif in now finally on Facebook as all her fans were eagerly waiting for Katrina to join any Social Media platform like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Katrina Kaif has 3.2 million+ fans in less than 15 hours. currently she has a total of 3,688,282 people who like Official Katrina Kaif Facebook Page account. This is something really crazy, looks like the fans were waiting to hit that LIKE button to connect with her. She also got her username @KatrinaKaif so looks like all fake accounts will be no more, the blue tick says it all.

Katrina Kaif Official Facebook Account

Katrina Kaif official Facebook Page Link :- https://www.facebook.com/KatrinaKaif/

Today is Katrina Kaif’s birthday and everyone is wishing her on facebook as she joins. She also posted a video in which she walks around her home and talking to her fans in the video.

Link to video:- https://www.facebook.com/KatrinaKaif/videos/1742298476047357/

Katrina Kaif

We at Engineers Corner wish Katrina Kaif a very Happy Birthday and all the best for upcoming projects.


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