Li-Fi – The Technology One Step Ahead


Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)– The Technology One Step Ahead

The speed matters a lot in the tech-life where people are living in the present. Communication among people was initially developed by only language. But with progress of technology, the situation changes a lot. The communication progresses from Smoke signal to Smartphone. The Wired telephone is now being replaced by wireless telephone services. And in the present century, people are living in the digital world. The Internet is the most important thing that people need in the present. Because, if one has the internet in his/her smartphone, can contact throughout the world. Here, the speed of internet requires for speedy data transmission. For high speed internet, people are used to operate in Wi-Fi till present. But, the latest innovation of technology has the much faster speed than Wi-Fi. That is Li-Fi. It is a great gift of technology to mankind in the field of communication.

LI-Fi Light Fidelity

Behind the Innovation:

The person who introduced this technology is Harald Haas. He used to teach in University of Edinburgh in the UK. This person invents the idea of “Wireless data from every light”.

The Li-Fi uses the technology VLC. That is Visual Light Communication. It was initially introduces at 1880. It was related to the use of visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum to transmit the information. So, after a long journey of technology, a high speed wireless network is developed i.e. Li-Fi.

What is Li-Fi:

It is the super high speed wireless network communication technology. It is Light Fidelity. The operation mode the Li-Fi is bi-directional. This technology uses the visible light spectrum. The Li-Fi technology is capable of 1000 times faster than the available radio spectrum frequency. The LED(Light Emitting Diodes) are used to transmit the data in the Li-Fi technology. It is much faster than the Wi-Fi technology. It is so far calculated 224 gigabits per second speed in the Li-Fi in experimental mood. It uses visible light range of 400 to 800 THz.

Technology Beyond Li-Fi:

The Li-Fi uses the visible light as medium of data transmission. LEDs are used for it. But, these LEDs are not like domestic LEDs. The LEDs are used for Li-Fi technology are programmable but looks like domestic LED bulbs. Here, LED bulb is connected to the power as well as internet also. The integrated microcontroller converts the data from internet to a train of pulses of light or series of flashes with the help of the amplitude of the electrical voltages. But, this flashing of light could not be observed by normal human being as this will occur much faster that human being cannot watch.

Li-Fi Light Fidelity Working

And the Solar Panel is used to receive the signal from the beam of light to laptop, computer or smartphone. The solar panel will receive the fluctuating brightness of the beam of light. Then, the integrated circuit of the receiver part will decode the encoded light signal and transform to data back and send it to computer or smartphone internet port. Thus, data transmission of internet through Li-Fi technology works.

Merits of Li-Fi Technology:

  • It has higher speed than standard Wi-Fi.
  • It does not include any crunch like radio frequency spectrum.
  • The Li-Fi avoids the misuse of internet by neighbours.
  • The Li-Fi has the 10 Gbps data transmission speed.
  • It is the most secured network as data is converted in the series of flashes of light and light will not pass though the walls.
  • This technology does not interfere with other sensitive electronic devices.
  • It requires less energy.
  • It does not cause any problem related to health.
  • This technology has much energy efficiency as this combines the data transmission and lighting together.

Li-Fi VS Wi-Fi:

It uses the beam of light to transmit the data.It uses the radio frequency waves.
It requires LED bulbs.It requires Wi-Fi routers.
It does not interfere with other electronic devices.It will cause interference issues with nearby electronic devices.
This is more secured.This is less secured.
The peak value of data transmission is up to 10 Gbps here.The peak value is 150 Mbps here.
It covers about 10 metres distance.It covers the distance up to 32 metres.
This technology also provides light for normal uses.It does not provide that.
It is more energy efficient.It is less energy efficient than Li-Fi.


Future Internet Communication With Li-Fi:

The Li-Fi technology enables the high speed internet service. In future, the technology will be adopted in many places require the super speed communication. It will then replace the 4G(LTE), 3G, Wi-Fi. And, as the light will be blocked among the walls of the room, the internet will be more secured. So, there will be no privacy issues in the Li-Fi internet. This Li-Fi also can be used for public internet service also, like public Wi-Fi. For public internet services, the Li-Fi technology will be implemented in the street light. Thus, the people who are walking in the footpath, can access the super speed internet.

LI-Fi Light Fidelity Technology Pure Lifi

The ultra-fast data transmission with Li-Fi will easily and quickly spread throughout the world as it demands much. And with Li-Fi, the receiving devices like laptop, smartphone will also be updated with solar panel for the use this technology. The dual use of LED bulb will enable the better communication in the future civilization in the world.

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