Meet Mastanamma, A 106 Year Old World’s Oldest YouTuber


Youtube has made many people an online celebrity and it’s a great platform to showcase your talent. This is true that learning has no age and it is just a number and that’s proved by the World’s oldest Youtuber. Meet Mastanamma, A 106-Year-old World’s Oldest Youtuber from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh who has youtube channel named a Country Foods. She is the oldest person who has the youtube channel in the world and she brings some really tasty food recipes to her viewers.

The name of the channel is Country Foods, which is run by two friends cum partners Laxman Karre and Srinath Reddy. Laxman’s granny Mastanamma loves to cook traditional food and from this Laxman and his friend got the idea to showcase her talent to the world as she loves to cook food at this old age. Mastanamma Youtube channel, Country Foods now has over 762,000+ subscribers and growing day by day.

Worlds Oldest Youtuber

In a recent Google’s event in Delhi, #GoogleForIndia Rajan Anandan (Vice President, South East Asia and India, Google), Shared the story of the world’s oldest YouTuber.

Check out the Video and amazing recipes from the world’s oldest YouTuber below –

Do check out the videos you love to watch her amazing unique food recipes


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