Microsoft MCSA 70-411 – The Certification Exam Every IT Professional Should Take!


Microsoft certifications are some of the most important certifications a person needs to enhance their career in the IT sector. These certifications are needed as proof of your skills to Microsoft and the other companies where you will be interviewing. One of the important certifications is Windows Server 2012 certifications.

If you are preparing for Microsoft 70-411 exam that is included in MCSA and MCSE certifications and do not know where to start, this article is a must read for you. Here we have discussed in details the uses of this 70-411 Administering Windows Server 2012exam and how you can prepare for the exam to score a good percentage.

Microsoft MCSA 70-411

What Is Microsoft 70-411 Exam?

Microsoft 70-411 certification exam is a test that is done on the students who want to qualify and become MCSA or MCSE certified. There are three exams that a candidate has to pass in order to get the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification. Microsoft 70-411 exam is one of them. The other two are 70-410 and 70-412 exams.

Other Things to Note Concerning 70-411 Exam

Some of the other things all the candidates should know about this exam are as follows:

  • Eligibility

There are no eligibility criteria that have to be followed to sit for the Microsoft 70-411 exam. However, the candidates should be 18 years and older. Additionally, people who have some experience in the field can score better than the others.

  • Fees

The candidates have to pay a fee of $165 USD to buy the tickets for this exam. The fee can differ from place to place depending on the country and the currency. There are a few people who are given concession in the fee. The whole list of the people who are exempted from paying the full fee is given in the terms and conditions section of the website.

  • Validity

MCSA and MCSE certifications are valid for a lifetime and can be used in any part of the world. The rules of Microsoft, however, keep on changing so the candidates have to make sure to keep looking at the website to know the current details.

  • Exam Pattern

Microsoft 70-411 exam from Microsoft MCSA 70-411 Exam Dumps has 50-60 questions. The number of questions is not fixed, but it is always between 50 and 60 questions. The candidates will have to solve all the questions in 120 minutes. The candidates are given the paper in seven different languages. The option to choose the language of the question paper is given in during filling of the form. All the questions are objective and the candidate has to give the exam at the Microsoft test centres.

  • Who Should Give

The people who have some experience in administering of Windows Server or are working as IT professionals and want to gain more knowledge can go for this exam. The candidates need to have some experience in the past so that they can do well in the exam. However, the college graduates can also apply for 70-411 exam.

  • Syllabus

The syllabus for this exam has the following six components. The questions that are asked in the exam are from these 6 topics and their subtopics. The topics are:

  1. Deploy, maintain and manage services.
  2. Configure network services and their access.
  3. Print and configure file and services.
  4. Configure and manage activity directory.
  5. Configuring a network policy server infrastructure.
  6. Configuration and management of the group policy.

The entire syllabus can be found and downloaded at the official Microsoft website for a better knowledge.

What Study Material Is Available for Microsoft 70-411 Exam?

There is a lot of study material that is available for the preparation forMicrosoft 70-411 certification exam. This material can be found on the official website as well as other legitimate sources. Some of the most common study materials are:

  • Books

The books are printed by Microsoft publication and can be bought at most of the bookstores. If it is not available at the bookstores, you can also buy them online. You can also buy the e-books and read them on your phones, tablets or computers.

  • Videos

There are numerous links for the educational videos associated with this exam. The candidates can access those videos and know better about the topics included in this exam.

  • Online Study Material

There is a lot of free online study material available at different websites. The only thing you need to do is match whether or not the study material you are accessing is matching the course given by on the official website and if it matches, you can download it and study from it.

  • Practice Papers

The practice papers are the most preferred source of preparation material by all the people who have appeared for this exam or are preparing for this exam. Solving the practice papers regularly can help you immensely with your preparation and also will help you in scoring a lot of marks.

What Study Techniques Available?

The study techniques matter a lot in the preparation for Microsoft 70-411 certification exam. You can pick preparation strategies selected according to your level of understanding and the amount of time you can give to the study. Some of the most common study techniques are given below:

  • Self-Study;
  • Online Courses and Classes;
  • Instructor-led Classes;
  • Practice Test Series.

How Does Microsoft 70-411Exam Help Your Career?

Prepaway Microsoft Administering Windows Server 2012exam also generally known as 70-411, is a step towards the MCSA or MCSE Microsoft certifications that can land you much better job opportunities. Hence these certifications move you towards a better job in the IT sector. So, the candidates should take this exam pretty seriously. Hence put a lot of effort and hard work because the chances given to the candidates are really tough to take.

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