Microsoft to Launch Cortana for Apple and Android Soon


    Just Like Google Personal assistant “Google Now” & Apple iOS Digital Personal Assistant “Siri”, The Cortana is also a Microsoft Personal assistant which assist you to answer all your queries by just listening your voice. Recenlty Microsoft has confirmed that Microsoft is bringing Cortana their digital personal assistant to other Smartphone platform that is Android & Apple.  Microsoft’s Cortana is going multi-platform and will come to Android and iOS later this summer. The Microsoft Cortana will come on Android in the end of this June 2015, but will be available later on Apple devices. This is another good news for Android Users to experience the new personal assistant “Microsoft Cortana”.

    Microsoft Cortana
    Microsoft Cortana

    Microsoft to Launch Cortana for Apple and Android Soon this June 2015. Well, On Android & Apple Devices The Cortana may have not all the features what Windows Phone have as there might be some limitations for the Android & Apple users because Cortana may not support all the features of Windows on other platforms. One of the Windows Team Member “Joe Belfiore”  Said that Microsoft is now launching Cortana for all other devices like Android & Apple iOS in  Phone Companion App for Windows 10. Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 10 also launched this year and within the OS they also launched Cortana in Built for windows 10 users with  Phone Companion App for Windows 10 & other devices. Microsoft’s phone companion app will help Windows 10 PC owners find relevant apps on their Android, Windows, or Apple iOS smartphones to make use of OneNote, OneDrive, Weather and many other apps and services. The Android users will also get Notification feature by Coratana. For Android users they need to download Cortana app from google Play Store to use the Service.

    Here is the official announcement from Microsoft regarding  Phone Companion App for Windows 10 users and  to Launch Cortana for Apple and Android Soon in the video below.


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