Narendra Modi wave seen in UP Board Answer Sheets.


As we all know that in this Political Season there is only narendra modi wave everywhere from social media to street every where is the name of narendra modi. Narendra is a Chief Minister of india & Prime minister candidate of BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party). Narendra Modi is becoming the most popular Person in India now a days . As election are going on in full swing results are yet to be declared on 16th may 2014. But many of them already announced from their side that Narendra modi is the PM of india. There many mad & Crazy Fans of narendra modi. Modi is having a great Fan following in India after the announcement of the PM candidate. He is in the trending topic now a days.

There is also a Big Fan of narendra who was spotted at UP Board Exams. UP Board exams are over & Answer sheet Copy Checking is going on.  The Matter is of Government Inter College, Varanasi. a Student of Civics who was found a big fan of Narendra Modi. In UP Board Answer Sheet also Narendra modi wave was seen. The Student answered a Question Importance of Republic in Political party? and According to you who is the best leader, what is the good  Political party according to you? The Student Answered in answer sheet that ” A leader is who can do some good work for our nation, and Narendra modi is the only person who can do so” He had written at least 2 full page in the name & popularity of narendra modi. “Har-Har Modi, Ghar-Ghar Modi, Modi hi paar lagaenge, modi ko jitao kyunki abki baar, modi sarkar” He added. The paper medium was in Hindi & He answered all about Modi.

So, We can say Modi wave effected Student life also. Modi caught in UP Board Answer Sheet. Well it seems funny but true. Below Pic is proof of the same published in a news paper of Varanasi.

Yatharth Singh
Engineers Corner

Answer Sheet of the Student- UP Board

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