The New Google sign-in page is finally Here


Google recently announced the new sign-in page for google for google accounts login page. The new google page is finally here and here is how it looks like, checkout the below picture for the all new Google sign-in UI. it has a cleaner, simpler look, Makes the sign-in process faster and it is also consistent across all your devices like computers, phones, and tablets.

The new google account sign-in page looks very clean UI, beautiful and more like material design. This is how the google new sign-in page looks like –


Google New Sign-In Page


Here is how the old google sign-in page use to be look like.

Google Old Sign-in Page


How to get New Google sign-in page ?

Still getting the same old version of google sign-in page, Are you a tech savvy and curious to get the all new google sign-in page on all your devices, Checkout the following ways to get the all new google sign-in page.

  • May be you are using an older version of a browser. Update your browser (preferably Chrome)
  • Clear Cache, browsing history
  • You’ve turned off JavaScript, Turn on/Enable JavaScript
  • Finally, Reboot your system

US Citizen have started getting the new version automatically, Google also launched it for Indian users and globally.


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