Oracle wins Case against Google, sues them for $1 Billion as Damage


Oracle on of the biggest Java, Software & hardware Company won an Important Case against Google. From the very long time since 2010, Oracle claims that Google is using an unauthorized Java Code in the their Android Operating System. This is one of the Shocking News but this is true that today Oracle finally won a longstanding case Against Google for using an unauthorized Java Code in their Operating system Android which they plan to sue them a 1$ Billion in Return as damage. Oracle Claims the same in the Court against Google. Google looses in Copyright ruling on unauthorized JAVA APIs

Oracle Won the Case against Google, sue $1 Billion.
Oracle Won the Case against Google, sue $1 Billion.

According to the Sources & A Report says that Oracle is fighting for this case from very long time 2010 & at that time initially the amount was $6 Billion which is now comes to $1 Billion. Well this is very interesting to see what google do now, as Google may go to the Supreme Court for the Case. In an statement of Oracle they Said ”  The Federal Circuit’s opinion is a win for Oracle and the entire software industry that relies on copyright protection to fuel innovation and ensure that developers are rewarded for their breakthroughs,” Oracle said in its statement.



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