Ravi Shastri to be New Team India Coach


    According to recent News of Hindustan Times (HT Media) that one of the BCCI Spokesperson said that Ravi Shastri will be the new Team India Coach. Not only this the Big News is that Ravi Shastri going to be paid a huge amount of Rs 7 Crore a Year for as Coach of India.

    This Time No New Foreign Coach is Hired and all the Confusion Regarding New Coach of Team India is now Clear. Ravi Shastri will be the New Coach of Team India after Dunken Fletcher. Ravi Shastri will be paid Rs 7 Crore/ annum for being a Coach of India India – according to the sources. Ravi Shastri will take his Position as a Coach after the Bangladesh Tour 2015.

    Right Now Ravi Shastri is a Team Director of Indian Team & will be made as a Coach of Team India. Now, The Question is Why Not any Foreign Coach? Why Not Rahul Dravid, Saurav Gaungaly ? Why Not Sachin Tendulkar. Well it will be interesting to see what goes next if the news is 100% Confirmed. Tell us in comments what you think about the new coach of Team India.

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