RBI may Launch Plastic Notes in 2015


After defeating Congress, BJP won the Election & Narendra Modi is all set to seat on a Prime Minister Chair. He would be taking outh on 21st May as report say, Whether you say a winning of BJP or India RBI is also going in the same path as of BJP. In a recent Report RBI may Launch Plastic Notes in India in 2015. Really it seems like after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister of India “sach me acche din aane waale hai” The slogans is going to be true in the coming year.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) may launch  Plastic Notes in coming next year that is 2015. Like Australia has Plastic Notes now in India also RBI is ready to introduce Plastic Notes. Plastic Notes is much better in all aspects of currency. In interview with NDTV RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan said that we are launching 1 billion Plastic Notes of ₹10 domination as a trial in 5 cities of India namely Shimla, Mysore, Jaipur,  Bhubaneswar & Kich respectively. This field trial may launch in the month of July or August & may later launch fully function all over the country next year.

He also said that we would not comment on whether this step will help in bringing out black money to India because it is the function of government & its none our business.
Let’s see how the plastic Notes bring revolution in India over the Normal currency notes. Another Advantage of Modi Effect as a PM of India.

– Engineers Corner
Source: NDTV Profit


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