Regarding filling of Carry Over form for odd semester 2013-14 for MTU Students


This is to inform all the MTU, Noida Students that the Carry Over Forms for Odd Semester Exam is now Available at College Login. Students can contact to their Registrar or the College authorities regarding Odd Semester carry Over Exams & Fill the Same with the Desired amount of carry over forms. The Last Date of Filling the Carry Over Forms is 20/12/13.  

As You all know that the Odd Semester carry Over Exam will be held in January just after the Semester Exams. The Institute has given all the details of Carry over Exams and college have to submit the forms to the university till 24th Dec 2013.

Please Note That Students should ask the College about the subjects & other query.


Team, Engineers Corner

See the Image Below for full info


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