Regarding UPTU Scholarship Status|Blocked Bank Accounts 2015


    Hello Everyone, we know that many students are worried about their Scholarship Money to into their Bank Accounts. Today we will tell you about behind the story of the whole scenario regarding UPTU Scholarship Status & Blocked Bank Accounts in 2015. Last year in 2013-14 UPTU took all the application form from all the students from various colleges affiliated to UPTU, in 2013-14 A new Online Scholarship Management System came to make a all the process faster, Transparent & clear so that no corruption, fraud can happen in future. But what Happen actually is something else, In year 2013- 2014  year Crores of rupees of Scholarship fraud was done by the Bank Authorities, College management & The  Social Welfare Department (Samaj kalyan Vibhag, UP) They did some fraud of crores of rupee with the student money which is actually need to come all the General/OBS/SC/ST students bank accounts directly.

    But, In This case when this fraud happen  The  Social Welfare Department, Uttar Pradesh (Samaj kalyan Vibhag, UP) made a decision to Block all the Bank Accounts of some of the students until further notice due to this, as many fraud cases were coming every day the officials were took Action against the officers, bank employees, College Authorities who were involved in doing fraud & corruption in UPTU Scholarship & Also told the Banks to Blaock all the accounts until further notice from us. So, When you go now to Check the Status of your Scholarship Bank Account in which you have opened your account you will find that your account might be blocked. Now, Even a Bank will also cant help you in this because the  Social Welfare Department officials told them to do so, they can only unblock the bank account when they get a Further Notice from the Department.

    After this all scene, UPTU Social Welfare Department   (Samaj kalyan Vibhag, UP) Decided that they will give both 2013-14 & 2014-15 Scholarship at the same time at once. So, they rolled out application for 2014-15 in October. But The students who were waiting for the scholarship didn’t got their scholarship in their bank account but yeah the account was definitely blocked even the status was “sanctioned”. This year 2014-15 the UPTU Scholarship form is submitted by colleges to the department you can even check your Status of your scholarship from the below link.

    This year both 2013-14 & 2014-15 Scholarship will come in the month of May only. Well Lets Hope for the best, That you all who are waiting for scholarship they scholarship arrive soon !!!


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