Synacor acquires Technorati for $3 Million


Today, The Advertising firms and ad-tech business is growing with the change in the environment around us. Social Media, Digital Media now plays a crucial role in our community and our surroundings. Many ad-tech agencies are taking advantage of the same and growing their brand to target more audience in digital marketing and advertising. In The same way, Synacor an advertising & monetization service provider acquired Technorati an authority blog/website and online advertising platform for just $3M.

In a recent report by Techcrunch, Synacor reportedly acquires Technorati for $3 Million only. I remember in my early age of blogging it was very hard to get in top 100 Blogs of Technorati. Many bloggers try to add their website/blog to the Technorati directory. Now, Technorati is acquired by Synacor it will be focussed on digital advertising only.

synacor acquires technorati

In the official blog of Synacor CEO, Himesh Bhise said “Advertising is an important growth engine for Synacor, combining Technorati’s publisher network, SmartWrapper header bidding solution, and advertising technology with Synacor’s existing portal network and monetization engine creates a large-scale Media Solutions Platform”

“For Technorati, becoming part of Synacor is a next logical step to grow our ad network and our digital advertising solution, SmartWrapper. All of us at Technorati are excited to be joining Synacor and bringing our programmatic advertising platforms to a much broader audience of customers and partners,” said Technorati CEO Shani Higgins.

Well, it’s sad news for bloggers, content curators, developers but good news for Synacor because Technorati is going to add value to their company and to increase their revenue model. What is your take on this? How do you see this acquisition? we would love to see your comments on this.

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