The Polar Shift Theory


                          THE POLAR SHIFT THEORY



 The shifting of magnetic north pole to the geographical south pole and the magnetic south pole to the geographical north pole is called polar shift.

In short:-

 The pole shift is in fact a movement of the interior of the earth.


   When the giant COMET positions itself between the Earth and its Sun, the sun and the Earth’s magnetic alignment neglected. Now there will be the magnetic alignment between the giant Comet and Earth.
          Since we know that the Earth is heavier and its molten core is more sensitive to the magnetic alignment than the crust, as it is not as a liquid as we think. There is friction. There is the tendency for the whole to move as one, despite their differing magnetic allegiances.
         The pole shift is in fact a movement of the interior of the Earth, the core to come into alignment with the giant Comet.
     Now the Earth’s crust wants to stay with the old, established, magnetic pull, while the core of the Earth having less alliance will try to align with the Comet’s magnetic field resulting in the tension between Core and Crust.
      This tension is released when the core of the Earth breaks with Crust, and moves. However the Core of the Earth drugs the crust with it as it turns to align a new.
                     This results in the shifting of pole or pole shift


  • Due to the sliding of Crust of the Earth over Mantle.
  • Glacial cycles:- Redistribution of ice and water masses, and resultant deformation of the crust.
  • Mass redistribution in the Mantle.
  • The Orientation of the rotational axis itself could be changed by the high-voltage impact of a massive Asteroid or Comet


  • The Pacific ocean will be shorten and the Atlantic widen.
  • Mountain building will occur suddenly.
  • No doubt the Planet will survive as they are rooted and there seeds are everywhere.
  • Animals including man will survive because they travel with the moving plates of the Earth.
  • When the plates stop moving then there will be an Earthquake of about Richter 9.
  • There would be high tidal waves causing Tsunami.
  • At this time, the giant Comet will come within 14 million miles of the Earth.
  • Due to the high strength of magnetic field the Comet’s North pole, angled essentially in the same directions the Earth’s north pole.
Vivek Kumar
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