Top 10 Jokes Only Engineers will understand


    Engineers Corner is here to bring you the Top 10 Jokes that only Engineers will Understand. below are the Top 10 Jokes Only Engineers or Engineering Student will get it. Check out the below some of the awesome Jokes & do SHARE with your Friends You’ll love it !!!

    1. Every computer Science & Engineering student will relate this to, if you are true Coder.


    2. Okay, This will be Understood if you are a Electrical Engineer or ever Studied Electrical. Well, Can you really Apply Kirchhoff’s Law Here. solve this if you are Intelligent


    3. If you are a Male then, This Change comes from 1st year of engineering to final year of engineering to every engineering students. Check it out below.


    4. Are you going to give your project Presentation in your College. Well this happens with every engineering student in the college when they try to give effective presentation in front of the professors & students they end up reading word by word from the ppt.


    5. Hahahahahah, Every Software Engineers or Computer Science Engineering student is suffering from this, He studies software Engineering & end up fixing all the PC’s of all the family members. this is not about software engineering every engineering student either from electrical or mechanical they have to prove they are engineers to their relatives until they don’t repair a Fan, TV, Laptops, refrigerator or something.


    6. This is the only Problem in Every Engineering College in Classroom the Professor will teach you a very simple Question & in Exam He will ask you some big Rocket Science Question, They will make the question so much complicated that you will be happily leave the paper blank.  SHIT !!! 🙁


    7. So, from 3idiots to Dhoom-3 Aamir Khan profession changed you know why? He did Engineering from ICE & after that he was unemployed in 2009 & became theif in 2013 Dhoom-3 reason – No Job. Great Logic isn’t it?
    8. This is the Question you ask to any Engineering Student that why they don’t sleep. If you call any Engineer at night at any time they will pick up the call as they don’t sleep at Night. Either they will keep playing Counter Strike, Doing Coding, Blogging, Playing games, Watching Movies, Having fun or Party, anything !!! Engineers  are available 24*7


    9. so, when we enter in an Engineering college on our First day then we feel that its very exciting but n the very next Day Every thing looks like out of the world & syllabus. This is Engineering.


    10. Life Cycle of Engineers:- So, Here is the Life of Every Engineers/engineering students round the clock. Their daily Routine what they Actually do. This is the Exact Situation which relate to every Engineers.


    So, This was the Top 10 Jokes only Engineering students will Understand, This article is Dedicated to all Poor, Unemployed Engineers Out There.
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