Top 5 Key Announcement by top CEOs after meeting PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on his visit to USA and he met various top CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies wher he talked about certain issues and investment in India and also about Digital India initiatives and Start Up culture in india. PM Modi met some top CEOs of silicon valley like Sundar Pichai or Google, Satya Nadella from Microsoft, Tim Cook from Apple, Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm and other top CEOs. After a meeting with the CEOs Here are the top 5 Key announcement made by Top CEOs of Silicon valley after meeting PM Modi. Checkout below which all you need to know.

pm modi usa visit top ceo invests

Here are the top 5 Key Announcement by top CEOs after meeting PM Narendra Modi:-

  • The Global Search engine giant Google will soon help India set up base for free Wifi at 500 Railway Stations – Sundar Pichai , ( CEO, Google )
  • Microsoft plans to take technology to 5 lakhs villages in India.
  • Microsoft also announced cloud computing systems from data centers in India from next week. – Satya Nadella ( CEO, Microsoft )
  • Qualcomm – The chipmaker company announced an Indian specific $150 million venture capital fund for startups in the mobile and internet of everything (IOE) ecosystems. The fund will be setup by Qualcomm ventures.
  • Qualcomm also announced a programme Design in India & Innovation Labs in india – Paul Jacobs ( Chairman, Qualcomm )

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi also be visiting Google HQ & Facebook HQ. The CEO of Facebook also invited PM Modi for Facebook QA, Townhall to talk on various issues. Lets see what this visit bring this time in india and making it more bonding and investment in India from Top CEOs.

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