Top 5 New Awesome features of Android N 7.0


Google is going to release the most awaited Android version for a long time which is Android N 7.0; Google will release Android N 7.0 in Google I/O 2016 ( A Google Developer Conference 2016). According to the sources, it is expected that Google will release the Android N 7.0 n 18th May 2016. Before it gets released in May 2016, we at Engineers Corner are excited as much as you and we are here to bring you Top 5 New Awesome features of Android N 7.0.

Still google has not revealed what will be the name of Android N version 7.0, many of them are guessing that Android N will be Nutella where as Indians are excited that it should be Nan-Khatai but Google has not yet revealed. This secret is soon gonna be announced in Google I/O May 2016. When asked to Google CEO Sundar Pichai he said ” I’ll ask to my mother”.

Android N 7.0 Awesome Feature

Check out Top 5 New Awesome features of Android N 7.0:-

1) No App Drawer in Android N 7.0:-

Google is reportedly removing it’s one of the key feature App Drawer. According to an Android-focused website in Android N 7.0, there will be no app drawer. it was on of the key features of Google Android Project which were always a part of every Android upgrade. But now it looks like google is trying to go on the same track with their competitor. So, Basically in Android N 7.0 users will not be able to get app drawer, all the installed apps will be on homescreen.

2) Multi-Tasking/ Multi Window Mode  in Android N 7.0:-

This is something awesome. Oh Yes, we used multi window mode only in our laptop, PCs not in Smartphone. But now with the help of latest Google’s Android N 7.0 yu will be able to access multi window mode in your Android Smartphone. Multi Window mode will surely help us to do multiple work at the same time just like we do in PC. isn’t that Amazing !

3) Integration of Chrome OS in Android N 7.0

According to Android authority & Android Police they claim that Google is going to Integrate Chrome OS in Android N 7.0. if this is true then really android expirience will be doubled. Google Stock android will let you enjoy all the features of Chrome OS which they usually have in Chrome OS Exclusive Notebooks.

4) Google Smart Lock password:-

This Sounds Great! Google Smart Lock password is really helpful for everyone not only to geeks. when you will turn ON google smart lock password a Smart Lock offers to save your password for a particular site or app, just click OK to have Smart Lock remember your login for that service. Next time, signing in will be a snap. Smart Lock for Passwords helps you unlock sites or apps by offering to save passwords with your Google Account. When you save a password in Chrome, an integrated Android app can let you right in.

5) Double Tap Awake:-

Well, This is an old feature for lots of smartphone now days because every phone is coming with a double tap awake feature. But this will really make a huge change in a lots of smartphones in whch you will not be required to tap the lock button from the side panel of you smart phone you just need to double tap on your smartphone screen to unlock your phone.

Well, it’s a wrap ! Do let us know in comments below which feature did you like in Android N 7.0 ? If you know any other awesome features of android N 7.0 comment below to add in this story.

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