Tutorial: How to Allow & Deny App. Permission in Redmi 1S


    Hello There, Today we will guide you on a very brief Tutorial, How to Allow & Deny App. Permission in Redmi 1S. In a recent Days Xiaomi sales was a boom across the world many Xiaomi Smart Phones sold in 2014 & continue to do so including Mi3, Redmi 1S, Redmi Note 4G. So, After Reviewing the Redmi 1S Smart Phone we thought that many users may getting trouble in managing apps or giving permission to the apps for doing the specific Task. Many Apps doesn’t allow some functions to perform as they block them to doing so.

    For Example if you are using Whatsapp and want you want to send a Voice Message The microphone will not work, If you want to Capture Something on Camera to directly send it via Whatsapp the Camera will not be Open This is because you have not given Permision to whatsapp or any other app you are using to allow & deny Microphone, Camera or Notifications etc. So, To Give the Permission to you apps Just follow the Below Simple Steps.

    • Take your Redmi 1S
    • Go to Security
    • Security >> Permissions
    • Permission >> Auto-Start Management  
    • Auto Start Management >> Add Auto Start >> Allow/Deny

    Now to Give Permission to your App to Turn On wifi, Turn On Notification, Phone Calls, SMS, Camera, Microphone, Search Contact etc. Here is what you need to do.

    • Go to Security
    • Security >> Permission
    • Permission >> Turn On Permission Manager
    • Permission >> Manage App Permissions
    • Manage App Permissions >> Allow Various Functions in you Apps Here.

    Below is a a Video Tutorial of  How to Allow & Deny App. Permission in Redmi 1S which will Help you to do this in much better way made by Engineers Corner & Fun Facts by Yatharth Singh. Checkout the below Video


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    1. Hi I don’t know how to enable the data for the new aap which I installed. Because I disallowed them to use data for new aaps .so when I install some aaps they can’t get data even data is on and I forgot to enable data from the permission manager in redmi 1s

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