Twitter War Between KRK & Lisa Haydon


    The Controversy King Kamaal R khan (KRK) is back with another Controversy to be in limelight again. He Often Fights on Social Media with Bollywood Celebrities for no reason, This Times She is Lisa Haydon. well, This is not the first Time KRK did Twitter war, Earlier also Kapil Sharma & Sonakshi Sinha were also Targeted by KRK on Twitter infact both of them also gave a Great reaction & answer to KRK for his crap he had done.

    Recently, Lisa Haydon Tweeted a Picture of her on Twitter on which KRK did  some insulting Comment on her Picture. Here is what Lisa Haydon Tweeted with a Photo.



    Okay, and now here is what KRK Tweeted on this photo & th twitter war begin between both KRK & Lisa Haydon.




    Well, KRK is in search of these kind of tweets of Celebrities to do insult or comment some kind of shit on them as he says they are a 2 Rs People. KRK always wanted to be in news, in media, n controversies without any reason just to make people know he is also a so called “Celebrity”

    Well at times i believe KRK also say the Facts about the Films, Person etc. if you see his tweet of Facebook Post or his video, interview you will find that he will neither think from his mind nor from the heart he just speaks up what a person whatever he is having in his mouth to speak up. We know that he is just an attention seeker but he says sometimes fact about people whether they gonna love him, hate him but they can’t ignore him. this what his Logic is all about. But Sometime he also mess with wrong Celebrities like Kapil Sharma, Sonakshi Sinha & now Lisa Haydon.

    Well, as an Engineer & a Technical Guy.. What you think about KRK??

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