How to Unlock a Car Door without Keys (Video)


    This is the most interesting stuff i came across, Today i’m gonna show you How to Unlock a Car Door without Keys. Yes. Exactly if you missed your Car Keys Don’t get Panic. You just need a Tennis Ball to Open your Locked Car. Below is the Video which will show you How to Unlock a car without keys. So, Lets have a look what you need before you can unlock your car without Keys.

    Things Required:

    • A Tennis Ball
    • Make Sure it is Hollow Inside
    • A magnet
    • A Screw Driver
    • A Lighter

    So, Here is what you need to do Take a Tennis Ball make a Hole in it by using Screw Driver, make a simple Hole inside it, make sure the hole is not large enough. Now, Go to the Locked Car, Take a magnet to detect the Locked Magnetic Face of the Door where the Keys are used to open. Just Point the Tennis Ball into the Key hole of the Car door, Now after Pointing towards it Just Press the Ball with much More Pressure By moving ball towards the car & pressing the ball simultaneously.
    And, Guess what the Car is now Unlocked, Wow you’ve Done it..
    Check Out the Video to Learn More about it. here you Go !!!!


    Hope this Video Tutorial Helped you in unlocking your Car door. This is Happen due to Law of Physics by using Pressure.

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