Whatsapp Now Officially Free For Lifetime


WhatsApp has updated the payment info in the app with “Service expiration” set to “Lifetime”.


You might also have received a notification from WhatsApp regarding this change:


WhatsApp founder Jan Koum has announced that from now on there will be no subscription charges for WhatsApp and it’s service will be free to use for lifetime. This is a major announcement and will impact over 1 billion WhatsApp  users.

Till now WhatsApp was free for 1 year  of usage and then it charged approx. Rs. 55 or $0.99 as an annual subscription fee. But in reality most of the WhatsApp users were never charged  for subscription and their free subscription date was increased by one year. But now it is official that WhatsApp will be free and users won’t have to pay any subscription fee ever.

WhatsApp founder Jan Koum reiterated that WhatsApp will never sell advertisement space. So you will not see any ads in WhatsApp.

If you haven’t recieved any notification yet, you will receive them in 7 to 10 days. Users that have already paid the subscription fee for one year or three years, their money will not be refunded.

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