Windows 10 Update- Cortana And Other Features Now Available


Windows 10 Rolled out one of its major update yesterday. The devices that didn’t receive it will be receiving it shortly. The update consisted of some major features and bug fixes. Windows 10 has been around for over few months now and it has been already installed on million devices.The update is free for Windows 10 users.


The major improvements consists of-

1-Faster Boot Time- 
The new update fixes some of the bugs and now has nearly 30% faster boot time compared to Windows 7 on the same device.

2-Cortana- The real big update from Indian perspective is Cortana. Cortana is finally available to Indian customers and it now even understands Indian accent. It has been updated to understand and reflect the local accent and speech patterns of Indian customers.

It has two options for Speech language- English (United States) and English (India)


And has Four options for voice you want to set-Microsoft Heera Mobile, Microsoft Zira Mobile, Microsoft Mark Mobile and Microsoft Ravi Mobile.


Microsoft has integrated Paytm to make mobile payments and it is also able to make trip arrangements. Like many Indians, Cortana also enjoys Cricket and considers Sanchin Tendulkar as national hero of the sport.

3-Microsoft Edge- Microsoft’s web browser designed for mobile and modern web now comes with performance improvements along with tab preview option. The new option allows users to hover over open tabs and get a preview. Microsoft Edge is now capable of syncing favourites and reading list items.

Microsoft says it is also bringing performance improvements to Mail, Calendar, Groove music, Xbox Store and other Microsoft apps.

Windows 10’s first major update is all about Cortana reaching the Indian audience and adapting to Indian accent.

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