5 Reasons Why Chemical Engineering is A Great Choice


With so many engineering fields and specializations to choose from, students are bound to get confused. However, many industry experts say that B. Tech chemical engineering is one of the most highly rewarding fields.

Chemical Engineering

B.Tech Chemical Engineering has its origins in petrochemical production and oil refining. Though the employment rate in this particular field is high, there are many other fields that graduates have started to explore. Those with a B. Tech chemical engineering degree are also exploring industries related to food processing and regenerative medicine while looking for solutions to energy problems faced worldwide. With this shift in focus, the scope of this engineering discipline has expanded greatly.

Here are five compelling reasons why chemical engineering is a great choice.

Great Career Prospects

Believe it or not, B. Tech in Chemical Engineering is one of the most rewarding and employable engineering fields. A degree in chemical engineering opens up various doors of opportunities. Some of the top career prospects include:

  • Refining Engineer
  • Petrochemical Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Process Design Engineer
  • Shift Engineer
  • Chemical Equipment Engineer
  • Consultant (pollution control, finance, audit, waste management, etc)

Lucrative Salary

With a degree in chemical engineering, you are sure to earn more than those with a degree in mechanical engineering or any other ordinary specialization. The reason is that this degree does not limit you. One can easily look for a job in manufacturing, mining, and analytical chemistry as well.

The fact that chemical engineers are employed across a wide range of businesses, they are paid well. Both small and large companies hire chemical engineers, thus making it one of the most in-demand and highest-paying professions across the globe.

Better Lifestyle and Travel Opportunities

Chemical engineering graduates get some great travel opportunities throughout their career. They are required to travel for work across the country. All this is happening because of the boom in the industry and the well-known multinational companies operating in the sector. So, if you are looking out to move abroad in the near future, choose chemical engineering as there will be an abundance of opportunities coming your way throughout the career.

Recession Proof

A decade back in 2008 when the world was hit by a recession and many professionals were left without a job; chemical engineers maintained their standard of living. There were many who saw a decline in their career graph, but chemical engineers were still flourishing at a steady rate. So, if you want a profession that is recession-proof, choose B. Tech Chemical Engineering.

Excellent Research Opportunities

Time and again, chemical engineering has proved to be one of those fields that are still developing while providing excellent career opportunities to the students. As the field is constantly developing, the need for vigorous research is also increasing. This field provides an outstanding platform to those who are creative, love to innovate and are talented enough. When it comes to chemical engineering, innovativeness is always welcomed.

Now that you know the advantages of choosing this ever-growing field, we think you know why experts suggest choosing chemical engineering. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is to choose the best college or university to pursue your degree. Universities like UPES offer B.Tech Chemical Engineering with Specialization in Refining & Petrochemicals. The curriculum is crafted keeping in mind the industry standards while most of the faculty members are from the core industry. You can get admission through the UPESEAT exam or through Board Merit / JEE & Mains Score.

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