A reddit user turned Facebook’s Free Basics Ads to the Honest one


Facebook recently re-branded its Internet.org to Free Basics which is an evil to internet and may violate Net Neutrality in India. Facebook’s Free Basics wants to give free access to only few of their partner websites and their services. Free Basics is against net Neutrality but Facebook is trying hard to convince people of India. In India many people don’t have access to Internet, those who access Internet don’t actually know what actually Net Neutrality is? but some of them do know what it is? But re-branding the name of Internet.org to adding “Free” in the brand name may attract Indians. guess, what Facebook get it this time and started convincing people by auto fill forms, sending mail from their Facebook account to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to accept Free Basics and launch this in India.

You must have seen Full page Facebook’s Free Basics Ads in leading Newspapers, TVC etc. but now many people in India who surf Internet and want it to be open know about net Neutrality and you can’t just make them fool by Free Basics Ads. Facebook made some Full page Ads in many newspaper but a reddit user turned it to the honest one. This is what it should be, Check below.

Checkout the below ads which turned out to be honest one by Reddit user using Photoshop.

free basic 1


free basic 1 (4)

This one is very interesting, as the rich will get richer through Facebook’s Free Basics.

free basic 1 (3)


free basic 1 (2)

Engineers Corner request you to please don’t support Facebook’s Free Basics in India and help us to make it more Open, equal and access to everyone without any conditions and cost. Just Send an Email to advisorfea1@trai.gov.in saying them that you are against Free Basics or just simply visit https://www.savetheinternet.in/

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