Nokia 230- A Selfie Feature Phone.


Nokia 230 was released by nokia in deccember 2015. The new Nokia 230 comes in two variants, dual sim and single sim sporting a large 2.8 display screen and a alpha-numeric keypad below it. It is loaded with Nokia 30+ OS.

The main feature of this phone is the front camera. It packs a 2MP front camera with LED Flash and a 2MP rear camera with LED Flash and has an aluminium back cover. This phone is priced at Rs 3,700.

-Selfie Camera
-Long Battery Backup
-Large Display
-Aluminium Back Cover

-High Price
-Doesn’t support apps like whatsapp
-No autofocus support in both cameras

Final review- Overall Nokia has tried something different within it’s range but not anything that is new. Price is high for this phone and it cannot be termed as a value for money phone.

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