AICTE Official Advisory on 10 Day MBA Program Scam by Vivek Bindra


In a recent revelation, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has shed light on a concerning trend in the education landscape. Various motivational speakers and influencers are actively promoting a 10-day MBA crash course, triggering a need for a cautious approach among prospective students.

Recently there has been a controversy going on regarding Vivek Bindra Scam and one of the motivational speaker Sandeep Maheswari exposed Vivek Bindra on YouTube about Vivek Bindra’s company Bada Business doing scam to young students in the name of job and taking heavy fees.

The AICTE, the apex body overseeing technical education in India, has firmly addressed this issue, emphasizing that such crash courses are attempts to misguide the country’s youth. The advisory is a wake-up call for stakeholders especially the students, urging them to be vigilant about the authenticity of educational offerings.

The matter lies the judicial stance of the Hon’ble Supreme Court, which unequivocally states that no institution or university can conduct technical courses, including MBA or management courses leading to postgraduate degrees, without obtaining approval from AICTE. The MBA, a prestigious two-year postgraduate degree, is meticulously designed to equip individuals with advanced skills and knowledge in diverse facets of business and management.

The claim of completing an MBA program in a mere 10 days raises eyebrows, challenging the very essence of a comprehensive and rigorous education in business administration. AICTE, with its wealth of experience and authority, asserts that such promises are not only misleading but also inappropriate.

In the spirit of safeguarding the interests of aspiring minds, the advisory serves as a stark reminder to exercise caution and not fall prey to these fraudulent offerings. The call to action is clear: prioritize accredited educational paths that ensure a genuine and holistic learning experience.

As the education landscape evolves, the responsibility falls on students and stakeholders alike to discern between authentic, accredited programs and shortcuts that may compromise the quality of education. The AICTE’s warning stands as a beacon of guidance, urging everyone to make informed decisions and contribute to the integrity of the education sector.

An MBA program cannot be done in just 10 days it is not a joke and youths, our students should know about this and stay away from such scams running in a country. I hope you all still know what happened to IIPM? Share this with your friends and family and let us know what do you think in comments below.

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