AICTE to cut 6 Lakh Engineering seats to bring Quality Engineers


The Decision which has to be taken many years back Now, AICTE has realized that they are making Quantity of Engineers in Engineering Colleges of India not the Quality Engineers. Concerning about the same AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) is about to cut approx 6 Lakhs engineering seats in private as well as government colleges of India. AICTE is now finally realized  and concern about the vacant seats left in engineering colleges across the country.

in an interview with Live Mint AICTE chairman Anil Sahasrabudhe said that “We would like to bring it down to between 10 lakh and 11 lakh from a little more than 16.7 lakh now. The capacity should come down for the betterment of all students, education providers and employers.” AICTE made this decision after many engineering colleges across the country complains about the vacant seats in their college and finally AICTE made a decision to cut 6 Lakh Engineering seats in India. We also know that Deemed university and private universities are giving admission to many students with unlimited seats as they don’t have any criteria for the same because they are UGC approved.

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If we look to the numbers every year 16 lakh+ engineering students are graduated. and what happen is there are very few industries of engineering in India which in result creates unemployment in India. and many engineering students are jobless/unemployed they start thinking to do something different other than looking for engineering job. In India we are only creating the quantity of engineers but not the quality engineers. Engineers Corner Welcome this decision made by AICTE it’s no too late.

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