Regarding UPTU Final Year CP Status Student Special Carry Over Exam 2015


This is to inform you all that Uttar Pradesh technical University (UPTU), Now known as Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University has released a Circular for Final year students for Special carry Over Exams in December 2015 for all 7th & 8th Sem Students. UPTU said in Circular that the special carry over exam for 7th Sem & 8th Sem students of final year will be conducted along with the Odd Semester Exams in December – January 2015. All the Final year Students 2014-15 Batch of B.Tech, B.Arch, MBA having CP status have to wait till Dec-Jan 2015-16 as the exams will be conducted along with the regular odd semester exams.Many Final year students were waiting for the exams to held from July last week to till today but it seems the university is not in mood to conduct special carry over examination. It looks like the University is playing with careers of lacs of final year students.

Seriously UPTU are you kidding? You say this is a Special Carry Over or Mercy Exam but if you conduct the paper along with normal odd sem exam how can you call this Special Carry Over Exam? Well, UPTU never stands on what they say we all know that like every year this is sure that a Special carry Over Exam or Mercy Exam is conducted for final year student “every year” which is the rule of UPTU that is for only final year students we are not talking about 1st,2nd & 3rd year students but what actually happend is on 1st August 2015 UPTU released a Circular to conduct Special Carry Over Exam for 4th year students (7th & 8th Sem) and the exam will be conducted from 25th August that is last week of Aug. but instead UPTU Conducted the exam for 1st, 2nd & 3rd year students which is now over. that to after they protested so, that is what they want? On the other hand UPTU had already said in 2014 Cicular that they will never conduct Special exams for 1st,2nd & 3rd year in future but they did in 2015.

UPTU already Submitted the Carry Over fee of Rs 750/- from the final year students and also distributed the Admit card. Now, according to the new circular dated on 21/09/2015 the University said that they are going to conduct special carry over exam with the odd semester exam? Seriously, UPTU what is this you are wasting 6 Months of students waiting for exam and holding admit card on their hand. The Worst part is they are wasting a lot more time & playing with the career of students from 1st year. Now, what will happen is they will conduct exams in Dec-Jan and Declare Result in last week of Jan 2016. That’s not fair !!!

Here is the official Circular Regarding UPTU Final Year CP Status Student Special Carry Over Exam 2015

Click to access 3004eas5tzxl.pdf

Welcome to UPTU Guys !!!

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  1. Dear admin,
    I am 2014-15 pass out student. I am having pwg status in 3rd year. I gave special carry over exam for the same which were held this August on registrar’s suggestion. I want to know whether I was eligible for scop? Also I want to know whether PWG status can be converted to PASS status. And if yes,then whether I should give these sp exams or the regular one’s that are held with odd/even sem exams? Actually I’ve consulted with multiple registrars and no one has any clear idea. Please help,I’ll be really grateful.

    • Dear Poonam,
      What we understand is that you are passed out this year with batch 2015 and you are having PWG status in 3rd Year. If this goes correct then let me tell you that UPTU does not give a chance to appear in PWG status subject in any exam. But if you have already filled any Special Carry Over form then you may appear for the same.
      As 3rd year subjects exam is already conducted in Aug-Sep 2015 and in case if you have given exam of PWG status subject then the only way you can get the PASS status is by clearing that subject.
      As of now, in current situation there is no any other wau to convert PWG to PASS status. Let me tell you in your final degree you will not have these abbreviations & status.
      Hope i have cleared your doubt.

      Yatharth Singh
      Founder, Engineers Corner

  2. dear admin
    i m student of final year but i have back in 5 sem . today results are declared of cop but i didnt clear .so i want to knw that can i give it in special carry over

  3. What is cp and I think my copy not check in right way there is any way without giving back paper I clear my exam I have fail by 1 or 2 and 4 .4 marks I have 4 back in 1 sem plz give ans fast

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